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What you could be doing

AIESEC operates as a social enterprise – a not-for-profit business that operates for a purpose. Each AIESEC team and member play a part in creating our youth leadership movement for the world. Browse below to find out more about our roles!

Support youth from your country/territory to connect with our experiences abroad. You’ll work with AIESEC offices overseas and coach youth with our leadership development model to help them make the most out of their experience.

Skills you can gain: Sales, customer service, project management skills

Work on corporate sales by engaging local companies and organizations to create placements for youth to work or volunteer locally. You’ll manage relationships, learn how organizations work, and help interns settle in your country/territory.

Skills you can gain: Sales, customer service, project management skills

Use your creativity and analytical skills to create strategic campaigns to attract our ideal customers towards our products. You’ll analyze customer insights, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate to make them happen – all to better project our brand, reach, and impact.

Skills you can gain: Brand management, data analysis, social media skills

It’s only by investing into finding and developing the best in our people that they’ll be able to deliver the best to our customers too. You’ll design training and development plans, track performance, and create systems that celebrate achievement – the true mark of people development.

Skills you can gain: Communication skills, performance management


Play a critical role in ensuring our local operational strategies are executed effectively and efficiently. You’ll monitor finances, provide investment strategies, ensure we are complying with the law and our internal policies, and make sure we’ll still be here in the future.

Skills you can gain: Strategic planning, sustainability management


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