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RBC will send 30 exchange participants on an exchange with AIESEC in 2020

RBC Future Launch has partnered with AIESEC in Canada to help youth prepare for a drastically changing workforce though an AIESEC exchange. 


AIESEC in Canada sends over a thousand young people on exchange every year to develop their leadership through cross-cultural experiences. We do this through our programs: Global Volunteer, Global Entrepreneur, and Global Talent. 

RBC Future Launch is looking to directly reduce barriers for youth to go on practical experiences.

For the opportunity to showcase these experiences, we are developing a video series focused on exchange participants of all three global programs. Best of all, selected participants will receive a grant to cover 100% of AIESEC program fees and a portion of their flights!

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Get Approved to go on Exchange

Contact your AIESEC local chapter (LC) at your university to find the right exchange opportunity

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Apply for an RBC Grant

Once approved to go on exchange, your local chapter will provide the link to apply for an RBC grant

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Go on Exchange with AIESEC

Go on exchange to build your leadership on any of the three AIESEC programs

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Share the experience

Record your journey and share it with AIESEC and RBC. Let us experience your journey with you.

Empowering the youth of today, for the jobs of tomorrow.

Future Launch is RBC’s commitment to help youth prepare for the drastically changing Canadian workforce.

RBC Future Launch is focusing on four opportunities to help youth:


RBC has a number of initiatives underway to help youth by increasing access to work related programs, tools, and resources.

Employment Programs:
RBC Career Launch
RBC Amplify

Thought Leadership:
Humans Wanted
Bridging the Gap

Supporting Youth Mental Well-being:
RBC Race for the Kids