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Your Safety

Is Our Top Priority​

The safety of our members, customers, and partners is of utmost importance to us.

We are aware that the COVID-19  pandemic was a hard time for all of us and these past two years have been filled with great uncertainty. As conditions are getting better and the future starts to show more promise, we are happy to announce that AIESEC will support you with your plans to travel and further develop your leadership through our numerous cross-cultural opportunities. When making travel plans with AIESEC, we advise you to ensure you are aware of the latest information available on the WHO website, Global Affairs Canada Travel Advisories, and airline safety guidelines. Click Stay Updated to learn more.

Plan Your Future


We believe that youth are the key to unlocking a better future. As we continue to adapt to this new normal, we need a strong community of young leaders more than ever. Our organization will always strive to provide youth with the opportunities they need to develop their leadership skills. We hope to be accessible to you as you make plans to shape your future and the world around you.

Learn more about our adaptation to keep you safe on your path with aiesec.

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Stay Updated

During this unprecedented period, we always highly recommend you to remain updated with the latest information regarding COVID19 through reliable and credible sources when preparing for your exchange


Check for the latest updates by the World Health Organization


Check Global Affairs Canada Travel Advisories page for the latest information regarding outbound and inbound international travel



Check International Travel Regulations page for the latest information regarding boarder rules and restrictions

Preparing For Takeoff

When preparing for your travel with aiesec, we always recommend you to visit the airline you plan to travel with for their safety guidelines and procedures.


As a proud partner of Air Canada, visit the following links below to check:

(1) Where Canadians can travel now

(2) Air Canada safety measures


In addition, we recommend you register your international travels with the Government of Canada to stay connected and safe while abroad.

Outgoing Exchange Policy

COVID-19 Policy for Outgoing Exchange – AIESEC in Canada – version 4.0

Last updated: March 10th, 2021


For any questions regarding the Outgoing Exchange Policy, please review the FAQs.


If you still have further questions after reviewing the FAQs, please reach out to us at

Sign up here to be contacted by one of our local offices for support, or reach out to if you have not been contacted yet. 

Local Membership Safety In Canada


We ensure that our membership strictly adheres to provincial and Federal public health authorities’ protocols regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

All AIESEC related activities since the start of the pandemic have been virtual, however, after extensive consideration and input from our communities we have decided to go forward with allowing more in-person operations and activities for our local chapters, following their universities’ instructions as well as provincial and federal public health guidelines

Please ensure that you are prioritizing your own health and wellbeing by:

  • following any local community or university guidelines if you feel unwell
  • Implementing self-imposed quarantine related to travel and/or potential exposure to COVID-19
  • Take normal health precautions such as washing and sanitizing your hands often and avoiding touching your eyes/nose/mouth.

We understand that these are unprecedented times for all of us. AIESEC is here, as always, as a platform for you to develop your leadership and make a positive impact on your community.