York University welcomes AIESEC in Canada to it’s first ever sustainability convention


Taking place this Friday, March 18th, York University will be hosting a convention on environmental sustainability. This event is aimed at addressing issues of sustainability in regards to innovation, business practice, and development within Canada. This event is the first of it’s kind at York University. The students and faculty involved are eager to create an open and engaging atmosphere for youth to partake in an immersive learning experience. Notable attendees to the event will include:

Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario


and our very own…

Erica Conrad, National Vice President of AIESEC in Canada


Along with many other representatives from various organizations and companies in Toronto, Erica will be present in delivering valuable knowledge to York University students and faculty about the importance of youth collaboration and sustainable business development.

For more information about the YorkU Sustainability Fair please visit the event page on Facebook here

For more information about AIESEC, please contact:

Please contact Dylan Muñoz, Marketing & Media Relations Specialist,

AIESEC Canada, 705-331-7142, dylan.m@aiesec.co.uk

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