What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

The idea of entrepreneurship can take multiple forms. It can start with one passion by one person or a need spawned from like-minded people. There is an endless amount of ideas available to pursue but what turns them into reality comes from the entrepreneurs themselves. Ideas are nothing without execution and entrepreneurs are there to help turn passions into feasible operations. To identify an entrepreneur or see if you are one, here are some tell tale signs.

The Passion

The number one thing that every entrepreneur has is passion. Whether it be for their company, their idea or their vision, they will do whatever they can to pursue that passion and make it a reality. They will look through every avenue to further the venture, even going through some ridiculous methods to achieve the goals. However, it should not be looked down upon as that passion is how the world changes for the better (through their ideas). In the end, this is the fundamental element of an entrepreneur and its importance cannot be understated.

The Skills

Another thing that is essential to be an entrepreneur would be the skills to make the venture succeed. Every entrepreneur should have some core competencies in order to be successful. Whether it be speaking, forecasting or other skills, it is essential for the person to have some skills in order to turn their ventures into the real deal. If not, then the entrepreneur should look towards hiring their peers or friends to fill those gaps. This is a critical point as the venture will most likely fail as it would not have the right guidance to become successful.

The Resources

Although some people might not have the resources themselves, they will have access to it in some form. This is also critical factor as every venture needs resources to ensure growth and survivability. In this case, if the entrepreneur does not have access to money themselves, they should be able to get some from their families, peers or even angel investors in a Dragon’s Den-esque style pitch. Resources are needed to further the business so every entrepreneur will either have it or know how to get it.

Considering all three of these factors, it is clear that an entrepreneur is someone who knows how to turn an idea into reality. The passion, skills and resources are the fuel that creates an entrepreneur and are critical to the fruition of their passion. Are you interested in pursuing entrepreneurship by developing these skills? Check out AIESEC’s Global Entrepreneurship program to develop your competencies in a practical environment. Click this link to learn more and apply now!

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