The Entrepreneurial Mindset

There are many different ways to define an entrepreneur but the most prominent or defining characteristic would be the mindset. After considering various sources about the mindset, I’ve highlighted some of the ones that really spoke out to me. Specifically taking action, being fearless and being attentive.

Taking Action

A well-known saying I like is “ideas are nothing without action”. This really differentiates entrepreneurs from the rest of the crowd since everybody has ideas but entrepreneurs are the ones who act upon them. Turning dreams into reality is something that is difficult to do, but taking action and working towards those ideas is a key component of the entrepreneurial mindset and is something to consider when looking to become an entrepreneur.

Being Fearless (With Calculated Risks)

We have all heard the story of stepping out of your comfort zone is necessary to be an entrepreneur but I would like to talk more about taking calculated risks. Being fearless is good, but another key aspect to consider would be knowing when to back off. If you take every risk possible even when it’s crazy, it could actually hurt your chances at furthering your idea. So calculating risk, knowing when to move forwards or not based on proper analysis is important for the entrepreneurial mindset.

Being Attentive

As an entrepreneur, some of the most inspirational sources of information will be from other people. You can learn so much about another person’s journey over something as little as grabbing coffee with them. Talking to another entrepreneur about their failures and successes allows you to use their experiences and shape your idea towards reality. Those people can also serve as sources of funding while your idea moves from stage to stage. So being attentive and listening to others is an invaluable part of the entrepreneurial mindset, as the networking you do will heavily influence how well your idea succeeds.

Although I’ve only highlighted a few sources from the article, I believe these are the most relevant ones for the entrepreneurial mindset. These are the fundamental characteristics of an entrepreneur as if you have these, you’ll be able to move your idea from conception to reality, know to take calculated risks and network as necessary. Interested in furthering these skills and developing your entrepreneurial mindset, check out AIESEC’s Global Entrepreneurship program! You can work on a project that speaks to you while developing the entrepreneurial mindset so check out this link and start your future today.

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