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Samantha Munro in Greece

Samantha has partnered with AIESEC to help raise awareness for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, our Global Volunteer projects, and Global Entrepreneur internship opportunities for young Canadians in countries like Greece. She’ll be over two weeks in January supporting NGO’s throughout Greece, visiting Global Entrepreneur interns in startups, and introducing you to the young people who help make our exchange programs possible. Sam is an advocate for international volunteering, having previously participated in volunteer projects both in India and Ecuador with the Degrassi cast. Follow her journey, get an insider’s peek at our volunteer projects and internships, and learn more about being a Global Volunteer or Global Entrepreneur!

Samantha is an actress and oftentimes appears with Joelle Farrow on the YouTube Channel Jo and Britt.

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Featured Volunteer Projects and Internships in Greece

Greece hosts several Global Volunteer projects throughout the year, most of which work to improve educational opportunities to children in schools or after-school programs or reduce current and future inequalities within the country. Also common are the Global Entrepreneur short-term internships in startups. These opportunities are perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, graphic designers, digital marketers, or software developers to be able to gain hands-on experience in their fields. To begin your international experience in Greece, create your account on and apply today!

Taiwan Volunteer Project
Dream Beyond Language

Our most popular volunteer project allows volunteers the opportunity to teach children about their home country’s culture and develop activities to create excitement around learning English. Projects available all summer! (6 weeks)

Camp & Conference

Teach at an English camp through creative methods like interactive games and sharing your culture! Help raise awareness for global issues and equip the kids on how to be problem-solvers in their communities.
(6 weeks)

Digital Marketer, Developer, or Sales Intern

Startups throughout Greece are bringing on interns to support their businesses to grow. Positions range from graphic designers and web creators to market researchers, social media managers, and content creators. Perfect for 2nd – 4th year students. (9-11 weeks)

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