Hayley Gendron in Costa Rica

Hayley has partnered with AIESEC to help raise awareness for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and our Global Volunteer opportunities for young Canadians to combat issues they’re passionate about like climate change. She’ll be spending 6 weeks in January and February contributing to SDG #13 (Climate Action) by working in an indigenous community in Salitre. Hayley has traveled throughout Central and South America, working on other climate action initiatives and raising awareness of the environment. Follow her journey, get an insider’s peek at our volunteer projects, and learn more about being a Global Volunteer!

Hayley is a graduate of UBC in Vancouver, a social media influencer, environmental activist, and an adventure tour guide.

Featured Projects on Climate Action

You, too, can take action on climate change. We have several Global Volunteer projects that work to educate communities on sustainable living or provide support to NGOs already taking action within their local communities. To begin your volunteer experience, create your account on  aiesec.org and apply today!

Savia (Mexico)

Our most popular destination for Canadians offers projects that allow you to work with children and teens to raise awareness, education, and appreciation for nature! Some basic or advanced Spanish may be required.
(6 weeks)

Naturatica (Costa Rica)

(Hayley’s Project). Work to directly support NGOs on community education, reforestation, organic farming & more! Note: additional $300 USD is due in Costa Rica upon arrival. Some Spanish required. (6 weeks)

Taiwan & Indonesia

Taiwan and Indonesia both host a number of Climate Action projects geared towards educating local communities on sustainable living and the dangers of climate change. Enable children to take action!
(6 weeks)

Ecomundo (Colombia)

Educate communities on the importance of environmental care and house irresponsible daily actions can take a negative affect. Opportunities to work with indigenous populations available for Spanish-speakers.
(6 weeks)

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