Why AIESEC is Not a Travel Agency

We connect you to a network of AIESECers

With representation in 126 countries and territories, we don’t just send you to a country. You join a community of AIESEC members at local universities that are here to support you throughout your leadership experience. The network of AIESECers ensures that you are not alone.

You are not a tourist

Our projects’ main goals are not to sightsee. Through volunteering and working for a longer time in a country immersed among the locals, you get a better sense of the country and the culture. You are working toward positive social change, not just observing the country from an outsider lens.

We develop leadership

By facing the challenging experiences that are inevitable with travelling abroad, you learn an incredible amount about yourself. You learn from the different people around you and come out a better and changed person because of it.

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