Youth to Business Is…

If you’ve been on Twitter in the past couple weeks, or have been checking out our LinkedIn page you may have noticed that very soon,  AIESEC in Canada will be hosting its annual Youth to Business Forum. This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard about an event a organization/company is hosting. So then why did you click this post? Why has Youth to Business peaked your interest? You’re curious. You’re interested in knowing what this game changing event is all about. So now the question remains…What is Youth to Business?

Youth to Business is…STRIKING 

The forum centres around some of the most pressing and relevant issues facing Canadian youth and businesses today. The topic we will be covering is Global Competencies: What skills do Canadian students need to be prepared for the workforce.

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Youth to Business is…INTERACTIVE 

It provides our youth delegation the opportunity to interact and converse with some of the industry’s top leaders in business, finance, and politics to discuss issues facing their success in a Canadian business environment.

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Youth to Business is…CONSTRUCTIVE

Our delegation and participating business leaders work in skills building workshops to further promote the development of youth leadership in business related practices.

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Youth to Business is…PURPOSEFUL 

Our goal is to ensure that our youth delegation is receiving the highest quality of advice and information from the industry leaders. We promote the use of these knowledge based sessions in real life practicum, so that our membership can truly benefit from this incredible learning experience.

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Youth to Business is…RELEVANT  

For any start-up, mid-sized company, or corporate giant, Youth to Business is for you. We provide on-lookers, and change-makers the incredible opportunity to engage with youth like never before. Youth are the future of our businesses, and governments. Wouldn’t you like to hear what they have to say?

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Youth to Business is…YOUR OPPORTUNITY to become apart of the conversation! INSPIRE, ENGAGE, ACT. 

For more information on Youth to Business check out our website or follow us on Facebook & Twitter @AIESECcanada

Looking to cover this event? Contact Dylan Munoz for a media kit, and how your organization can attend Y2B in Toronto!

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