Youth in the Workforce, Leaders in the Making

Youth in the Workforce

Millennials have taken their first steps into the workforce. What they have brought to the table is not manpower, or the ability to perform the same job as their predecessors; rather, they want their voices to be heard and make positive changes for the work environment they are or will be a part of. Compared to other generations, innovation plays a fairly significant role in the mindset of the millennials – it is not simply something that they hear; they are experiencing the idea of ‘innovation’ every moment in today’s fast-paced environment as an entrepreneurial mindset gains popularity among today’s youth. They have integrated the influence into their perspectives and they are ready to demand reasonable changes for future betterment.

Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity in the workplace allows employees to be open-minded and generates an atmosphere that welcomes different opinions and creativity. As a result, the product and service created appeals to a greater number of audiences. At the same time, each individual has the means to gain recognition, confidence and respect for others. A work environment that fosters the freedom to explore innovative ideas and bold opinions will attract the millennial who do not easily settle for the status quo.

Effective Leader
Millennials do not want to obey a boss; they want to follow a leader. They are willing to learn and grow by working with individuals who are open to difference voices and have the ability to generate a collaborative working culture through engagement. Having an effective leader promises the potential for support in times of difficulty and recognition in times of prosperity.

Support and Challenge
Young leaders today seek a stimulating learning experience from a work environment. They want the assurance that they are allowed to fail, make mistakes, and take risks, because that is how they will learn. Instead of instructions, they want guidance and constructive feedback from leaders so that they have the freedom to achieve their full potential. Likewise, working with peers in collaborative relations provides the opportunity to learn from each other and achieve mutual growth. A sense of community created through mutual bonding and inspiration is the catalyst to building a fast-growing innovative organization.

Today’s youth leaders are willing to share their skills and insights with the world and AIESEC provides the chance for companies and organizations to work with ambitious and competent youth from all over the world.

Find out how you can leverage this opportunity here.

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