AIESEC Canada Goes to the UN for Youth Action Summit

By: Patricia Michelena

Meet the eight AIESECers going to the United Nations!


AIESEC International, in collaboration with the office of the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, is hosting the AIESEC Youth Action Summit in the United Nations Headquarters in NYC. Starting Dec. 9, AIESEC Youth Action Summit is a three-day conference to discuss youth’s play at the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


On Sept. 25, the United Nations 70th General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which resulted in 193 member states committing to the 17 new Global Goals.


During these three days, 200 AIESECers from all over the world will meet with experts, government, business, and thought leaders to understand and design a roadmap that details the role of youth in the completion of these goals.


AIESEC Canada is being represented by eight fortunate individuals that will be sharing their thoughts and ideas from a Canadian perspective. Keep reading to know who they are, and to discover what the Youth Action Summit means to them, and to Canada.


Danial Mazhar Shafi

President of AIESEC Canada


“The Youth Action Summit means dialogue and commitment to action. The summit promises to be a fantastic avenue for young people to share their views on the monumental SDGs ahead of us, but more importantly, to discuss and commit to actions that will enable the attainment of those goals. I feel excited and privileged to be part of the discussions that will take place and to work towards solutions with some of the top global leaders present.”


Danial was born and raised in Singapore with a Pakistani heritage. He moved with his family to Montreal, Canada at the age of 12 and remained in Quebec to complete his Electrical Engineering degree from McGill University. He then moved to Toronto to work with AIESEC Canada as VP Incoming Exchange before being elected as President of AIESEC Canada for the following year. He loves international relations, is an avid movie watcher, and aims to eventually leverage his AIESEC experience to work in a career where he can merge his people skills and engineering background.



Joaquim Savinctores

Vice-President Organizational Development, AIESEC Canada


“I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to converse with like-minded individuals about the impact that youth can create today through the Sustainable Development Goals. As someone who grew up in an environment where the fulfillment of these goals are most important, I can understand and share my perspectives about why collaboration through action can make a difference towards this ambition. I look forward to learning from this summit, gaining new connections, and bring back ideas that Canadian youth can do for Canada.”


Born and raised in the Philippines, Joaquim Sanvictores moved to Vancouver, Canada at the age of 16 to seek a better life for his family. He is currently AIESEC Canada’s National VP Organizational Development and hopes to parlay this experience with a successful career in international development.



Vicky Gordiano

Vice-President, Marketing and Communications, AIESEC Canada


“For me will be such a privilege to be part of this event not only as AIESEC in Canada representative, but as Canadian youth representative, this is the opportunity of being part of interesting discussions between companies, leaders, young people from different countries about the current problems we are facing in the world and work together in order to bring the impact our world needs through the Global Goals.

In AIESEC we believe we need young LEADERS who care about the world, who learn from their own experiences and are willing to empower others to work towards understanding and tolerance, and in this way together shape a better world, this opportunity definitely will bring value to our organization and Canada.”


Vicky Gordiano was born and raised in Mexico City. She studied Administration in Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and completed her degree in 2010. She moved to Toronto to work with AIESEC in Canada on the national team as National Vice President Marketing and Communications. Nowadays she is committed with Canadian youth to develop their leadership skills and empower them to build a better Canada


Morgan Rosenberg

Vice-President Talent Management, AIESEC Canada


“The Youth Action Summit is the opportunity to engage in, drive and shape the global change we need to see in our communities. Personally, it’s the opportunity to both be marked by the brilliance we’ll be surrounded by at the UN, and to leave my mark on our generations commitment to a better world. These discussions are the first step in driving the impact we need, and I truly believe AIESECers are the right combination of thinker and doer to make these goals happen. I’m honoured to be a part of this group, and excited for the process!”


Morgan is an avid learner and thinker, excited to explore the intersections of strategy, people and wellness. He is currently working as the VP of Talent Management for AIESEC Canada, with ambitions to leverage this experience towards a rich career in people operations and business strategy.


Ande Baweja

Vice-President Incoming Exchange, AIESEC Canada


“Attending the Youth Action Summit is quite unique and therefore special to me – I don’t know if I’ll ever get the opportunity to go to the UN again in my lifetime. Why it matters is being able to have a dialogue and discussion surrounding two crucial things: youth and the global direction. Youth, through their innovation and/or consumption, are forcing change across the globe; the global direction seeks to see this change focused in 17 areas that will provide us with a more sustainable and “ideal” world by 2030. It’s important to have this conference as a way to direct the change youth create towards the direction the world needs to take, and determine what role we want to take in taking ownership of the communities around us.”


Ande Baweja was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, where he completed his BComm at the University of Alberta. He is currently the National VP of Incoming Exchange for AIESEC Canada, working to make Canadian businesses more globally competitive and robust.


Mitch Donnelly

Vice-President Business Development, AIESEC Canada


“Going to the Youth Action Summit is an incredible honor for me. I am the first person from my home town of Dalhousie, New Brunswick to visit the United Nations for purposes other than tourism. It will be an incredible opportunity to network and interact with influential leaders from all over the world. The discussions that will take place inspire me to empower others to embrace change and acceptance in order to make the world a better place.”


Mitch Donnelly was born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, and is currently AIESEC Canada’s National VP of Business Development. He has a passion for the Maritimes and is committed to creating a brighter future for Atlantic Canada’s economy.


Erica Conrad

Vice-President, Outgoing Exchange, AIESEC Canada


“The Youth Action Summit is an opportunity for us to meet and work with some of the top leaders in the world to ensure the youth voice is heard for our future. The key word is “action” – for a better future, we need to take steps now, and this summit will allow us to take those steps forward. I look forward to participating so that I can better understand the global direction to solving these key issues and how I can be part of the solutions.”


Erica Conrad is originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, and currently resides in Toronto. Through her position as AIESEC Canada’s National VP Operations for Outgoing Exchange, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with people all over the world; she sees a future for Canada where this type of intercultural collaboration is the norm.


Patricia Michelena

Local Committee President, AIESEC Ottawa



“The Youth Action Summit means commitment to a better future. AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organization, and, as powerful as it is, it has the responsibility to move the Global Agenda forward and speak from one of the most important demographics: youth. I was fortunate enough to be at the UN when the Global Goals for Sustainable Development were adopted, and now I am fortunate enough to discuss with some of the most influential people in the world how can youth take part in this process. We are and will be part of the generation responsible for these goals, and I am honoured to represent Canadian youth in what can be one of the most significant events for the world.”


Patricia is a 22-year-old Venezuelan living in Canada, currently studying a conjoint Honours Bachelor in Public Relations degree at the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. She loves to get involved in different activities in her school and community. Throughout her time in university she has been part of the Canadian International Model of United Nations, the University of Ottawa Public Relations Association, and AIESEC Ottawa. Patricia enjoys playing sports, reading, traveling and meeting new people. She is also passionate about youth leadership development and making a positive impact in society.



If you want to follow the Youth Action Summit, make sure to follow AIESEC Canada on Twitter, as we will be live-tweeting the event.


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