What Education Backgrounds do Marketers Have?

Education Background - Marketing

Marketing is an interesting career field. While a lot of marketing professionals hold a post-secondary degree in marketing, many don’t. For the past few decades, the modes of communication have been changing drastically – from paper and television to online and mobile. Correspondingly, the nature of marketing is always taking an innovative spin to suit the needs of consumers. The pace of change easily surpasses the integration between academia and applicability. In other words, what you learn about marketing in a formal school setting could be helpful; however, it is not enough to secure your success as a marketer. And this is why the marketing industry invites talents from all education backgrounds, not simply those who hold a marketing degree.

For marketing, sales, and management, perhaps those with a degree in business administration or marketing are more suitable. When it comes to marketing for highly technical industries, those with an engineering background certainly have an advantage. According to a survey done on digital marketers, only one-third of respondents stated that they have a business and marketing degree; the rest studied computer science, humanities, social sciences, or even criminal justice. Likewise, only nine percent of respondents answered that they have taken courses specifically in digital marketing – the lack of education did not prevent the other ninety-one percent from reaching success. Many pointed out that marketing is something that one can learn from trying and doing, instead of from the books.

Marketing essentially builds on communication and promotion, and the skills required are highly transferable from other education disciplines, or even life experiences. Have you ever thought that studying a foreign language or having a multicultural experience could enhance one’s chances of being a successful marketer? In comparison with other jobs, marketing puts more emphasis on one’s ability to adapt, to understand one’s own and others’ strengths and weaknesses, and to have passion and expertise. Employers are willing to hire people who demonstrate these qualities.

The fast changing nature of marketing keeps the renowned experts on their toes to continuously learn and adapt; at the same time, it also allows interested new parties to have the fairground to get started. Eventually, it comes down to the existential cliché that nothing matters, it all depends. With a positive outlook however, we can see the reason why  marketing is a field that is full of excitement and versatility.

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