What Canadians Need to Compete in a Global Setting


In recent years, the economic development of Asia has been booming, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. It continues to grow very rapidly until today. In anticipating that growth, all eyes are on Asia— a large region of the world, accounting for more than half of its population. This means that Asia is the future hub of all business ventures. That’s why everyone is thinking of beneficial ways to collaborate with Asian companies, including Canada. The problem however, as the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF) pointed out, is that it is difficult to find Canadians who are qualified to work in Asian companies. Why is that?


According to the APF’s analytics, there are five important things Asia-engaged Canadians look for in potential employees:

1) Comfort working in a different culture

2) Experience of skills related to the company’s/organization’s operations in Canada

3) Familiarity with Asia’s social, economic, and political trends

4) Knowledge of the culture

5) Ability to speak the language


If you notice on the info graphic, the number one answer to what we need in order to fulfill those standards is “international experience opportunities for students.” And AIESEC Canada agrees.

International, professional working experience helps cross off almost everything on the list of things Asia-engaged employers are looking for. Not only does it help if you plan to work for Asian-engaged companies, but for personal growth and overall job competency as well.

It is well known that travelling abroad helps people gain perspective and become more open-minded. With AIESEC, you get to go one step further than just meeting the people of your host country, but you have the opportunity work with people from all around the world as well.

One of great parts of my project in China was working with 10 other people from different countries to teach English to the local children, and this project helped me to discover my strength and weakness.

– Temitayo O., AIESEC Windsor

But aside from that, there are also a lot of professional skills you can gain from working in Asia. By working in Asia, you get to learn and understand different Asian leadership styles different from that of Canada. This can give Canadians an edge in competing in a global setting because it adds a unique dimension that can help individuals really stand out.

One example is the value that global Indian leaders put on the trait, humility. In no way that does it mean that they think leaders should not be aggressive or extroverted. They still can be if displayed in a positive way. But they believe that being humble is essential for leaders to be flexible, reactive, and able to learn from others.

And that is just one of the many leadership styles you can learn from working in Asia. Imagine what other skills you can learn.

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