The Value of Teaching Abroad with AIESEC

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To teach is to show or explain to someone how to do something. Our education is largely informed by our teachers, and as a result, teachers have the power to make or break the student’s worldview. As youth, we’ve spent a good majority of our lives being students ourselves. But what happens when we broaden the scope a little—what’s more, what would happen if we turned the situation around and took the concept abroad?

More and more people these days are leaving to teach English in a different country. And for good reason—you get to travel in addition to experiencing and working in a different culture at the same time. But what are the lasting impacts of teaching English abroad? Specifically, what can a teaching internship with AIESEC give you?

When you go abroad to teach, you are not simply participating in an exchange of physical location—you can participating in an exchange of culture. Furthermore, when you take on the role of teacher, you are facilitating the exchange of knowledge, informed by this exchange of culture. When you become a teacher, not only do you have the impact to influence your students’ view of the world, you also have the impact to change their whole entire future.

AIESEC is an organization that gives opportunity twofold. It gives youth the chance to change their lives through international experience, but also allows them to impact other lives through exchange. By doing this, AIESEC creates global leaders, world citizens who are more than ready to contribute to their own nations and communities.

In today’s fast-paced and technologically-driven society, we create leaders committed to making a change—and teaching abroad is just one of many ways to do that. It provides a greater purpose and allows youth the understand and motivation to work towards creating solutions to drive impact. Beyond cultural competency and professional development, AIESEC offers its youth possibility—and what’s more, the perspective to be able to seek it out.

To learn more about our Global Talent program or sign up for a teaching internship abroad, click here.

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