Trudeau on Youth Leadership

The youth are the present and the future. The youth leaders of today are open-minded and show passion towards changing the world. During the annual National Leadership Development Conference, AIESEC Canada was honoured to be addressed by Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. There are numerous important points that Trudeau mentions during his speech. His views on youth leadership closely align with what AIESEC stands for. AIESEC develops youth leadership through cross- cultural exchange, experiential learning and professional internships all over the world. When going on an internship to a foreign country, youth are forced to come out of their comfort zone. The greatest form of growth and impact is done through those moments of experiencing foreign challenges. Those individuals who are involved in AIESEC get faced with real world problems and are guided to find appropriate solutions. It is not just the organization that provides such experiences to the youth, but it is also the youth themselves constantly working together and motivating one another to become the greatest leaders of today and tomorrow.

Trudeau believes that it is every young persons responsibility to strive towards leadership as individuals. The right tools must be provided for youth to fulfill their potential and change the world as a collective. Most people assume that leaders are for tomorrow, but they are also for today. The actions of today will change tomorrow.

AIESEC tackles many global issues such as climate change, poverty and improving education systems as highlighted by Trudeau. AIESEC Canada not only provides the tools necessary to create leaders, but also it is an organization that is the voice of Canadian youth. From the national level all the way to the university chapters, everyone involved in AIESEC is a university student or a recent graduate. Currently, it is the worlds largest student-run not-for-profit organization.

AIESEC is dedicated to making Canada and the world a better place. A place where people respect, understand and support one another. Only by working together we can make this world a better place for the generations to come.


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