Top Five Skills That Will Lead You To Success

By: Galina Lee

Students spend countless hours and money earning degrees to open up a spot for themselves in the job market. Today, employers are not just looking for candidates that have the educational background; they value attributes that are not necessarily learned in a classroom.

As a matter of fact, these interpersonal or soft skills are the things that will give you that edge and increase your chances of getting hired. The first step in achieving this is to seek out activities that will enhance your skills and provide you the opportunity to develop them.

So, why not join AIESEC?

AIESEC is an international organization that develops global leaders by providing volunteer and work exchange opportunities to students. In order for these exchanges to happen, an operation team is behind the magic. By joining this team, you are given the opportunity to develop these skills and start your journey to success.

Here are the five skills that will lead you to success through AIESEC.

Leadership Skills

Candidates that can lead in the workplace and have the ability to motivate others are the ones that employers want. In AIESEC, you are given numerous opportunities to take initiative in teams or in certain projects. There is no limit on how much you can do or how much experience is needed. As long as you are passionate about it and motivating you are able to accomplish this.

Teamwork Skills

It is extremely important that you are a team player because everything now is all about people collaborating and working together. Someone who is able to work with others to achieve a goal will always be an asset to employers. In AIESEC, you will constantly be working with other people, which give you the chance to increase your teamwork and bring you one step closer to success.

Communication Skills

Both verbal and written communication skills are highly valued by employers. This demonstrates that you are able to present yourself physically and mentally. AIESEC provides its members the opportunity to interact with real life professionals. Some examples are: attending networking events and sales meetings.

Stress Tolerance

Life and work will always hit you with obstacles. However, in AIESEC, you will learn to overcome them due to the situations you encounter. For example, you will learn how to deal with stress in terms of school and your future. This will demonstrate to employers that you are an individual that maintains effective performance under pressure.

Global Skills

Employers value candidates that have a global mindset. This is because these candidates are able to see things differently and show appreciation to other cultures. By joining AIESEC, you are exposed to a number of different cultures and are able to learn a number of new things. For example, by interacting with AIESEC Exchange Participants you are able to understand more about the world and how it runs.

Now, we have covered all of the top 5 skills, it is time for you to join AIESEC and start your journey to success today!

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