Top 5 Global Marketing Trends for 2015

Top Global Trends

With new platforms of communication being created every day, effective marketing strategies are always evolving and changing. So we decided to create a list of some of the trends that marketers should look out for this year in order to make your content reach a wider audience.

1. Marketing is becoming more reliant on technology
The Internet of Things allows multiple aspects of life to be connected through digital devices, mainly mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. The increasing demand for instant services through mobile devices invites the ICT industry to become the key players of the game. Consumers are always looking for faster and better service, and they are seeking active interaction – human marketing. We are looking at the ICT and marketing sectors to become more intertwined in the near future to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s world.

2. Data-driven approach leads to personalization
The huge amount of data available will give marketers a direction to find out what their potential targets are and how they can orient their marketing strategies to be more effective. The correct usage and interpretation of data will help marketers to establish a loyal relationship with customers so that they can provide what the customers need at the right time and right place. Despite globalization, the demand of services have become more localized and regionalized, which translates to convenience for customers. Instead of adjusting their needs, consumers are more likely to have their say in choosing a service that suits them, and tailoring and providing choices for customers will be the key to success.

3. Heavy orientation towards customer experience
Word of mouth is always the best way for promotion. Today’s technology has given this method a wider reach through instant communication on social media and each individual is given more say on the quality of service and products. That is why customer interaction is an important component of personalization and it matters more than ever. Marketers should dedicate more resources towards listening to the voice of customers, interacting with customers and transforming them into ambassadors. The customers want to know that they are interacting with real people who care about their experience instead of a brand that is too grandeur to put focus on the individuals.

4. Social media continues to be a marketing tool
Social media has given each individual great power on influencing products and service is social media. Consumers and companies have the ability to provide, receive and look for immediate feedback. The transparency of social media allows people to experience and judge the product or service, while allowing the businesses to interact with consumers authentically. Indeed, different social media platforms attract different types of individuals. Leveraging the characteristics of each social media platform to appeal to their users will generate effective results. However, what is common is that an increasing amount of social platforms are either gaining popularity or changing their approach in providing succinct content that is fast to process – a hint that marketers should pay close attention towards.

5. Visuals are more informative, efficient, and effective
An image speaks a thousand words – this goes the same for marketing. Visual information has become the most important component in online marketing. In an age where an excess of information are being processed all the time, people seldom have the desire to even dedicate thirty seconds on reading or watching ads. That is why it is crucial to present content in a way that sticks out a mile – images, GIFs, and short videos are perhaps the most effective way to do so. Effective imagery can go a long way.

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