The role of technology in the national team’s everyday operations


AIESEC Canada is dedicated to providing life-changing experiences to our future Canadian leaders. However, we couldn’t do it without a little help from technology.

It’s all about communication, something that would be impossible if it weren’t for our now vast communications infrastructure. It’s not easy managing operations across 30 different Canadian chapters, or creating and implementing nationwide initiatives to better the organization.

Shawn Fulham, National Vice President of Business Development, and Juano Ruano, National Vice President of Organizational Development, weigh in on their roles within AIESEC Canada’s national team, and how technology helps them achieve their goals.

According to Shawn, “Working for AIESEC on a national level is absolutely insane! [In my role] I work directly with Canada’s top organizations from coast to coast. I help develop and coordinate our largest event, the Youth to Business Forum, that brings together leaders from youth and industry to tackle some of the biggest issues facing Canada today.”

Meanwhile, Juano, previously a part of AIESEC in Mexico, is in charge of efforts to improve AIESEC’s internal communications. For him, this boils down to the local level.

He states, “There are about 30 chapters in Canada, across different time zones, and I have to deliver relevant information to everyone. So [the challenge is] that with these huge distances, we have to leverage communications and tracking to be able to deliver results from each chapter.”

Technology, then, has played a huge role in the way AIESEC Canada operates in order to create the most life-changing experiences for future Canadian leaders. It is integral to managing and tracking operations and for pushing chapters towards growing our impact.

In Shawn’s words, “I am a connector, I need to be in constant communication with our partners, letting them know what’s going on with our conferences, building sessions and presentations.”

Juano echoes these sentiments, saying, “We have to be online all the time. Our exchange programs involve people. Sometimes we need to provide quick answers via email, and often have virtual meetings. We are constantly in contact with other countries, as well. It’s a lot of information management with a lot of different channels to ensure quality within our exchanges.”

Shawn also had interesting insights on the role of technology in the lives of youth about to enter the workplace. “Technology has completely transformed the workplace in the last 10 years, however our generation was not around to see that transition. Youth simply expect a seamless integration of technology into the workplace.”

Juano closed by reflecting on his experience on the AIESEC Canada team so far. “The experience has been really, really awesome. We are one global organization, but every country and even local chapter works really differently. Sometimes, when compared to how AIESEC in Mexico works, I can learn new things about Canada and [in some ways] I’m also proud to bring my own culture and mindset from Mexico.”

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