The Power of Community Involvement

Making profit is obviously one of the main priorities of businesses. The next important thing, which some companies tend to ignore, is community involvement. Companies that give back to the community stand out from their competitors. Especially now, it is becoming more popular among businesses to allocate their time and money beyond just making profit. Community involvement can help businesses build a reputation, build recognition in the community, and improve the community.


Now, how does this relate to AIESEC? By partnering with AIESEC, you would not only be bringing an intern from another country to come work for your business, you would also be helping the students who are part of the AIESEC local chapter that helped to secure that partnership. AIESEC members are all students that gain real world experience by going out to sales meetings and helping to secure these partnerships. How does it benefit you as a business? Well, you are helping the future citizens of tomorrow. By securing these partnerships you are giving these students an experience that they will grow and learn from. These students will graduate with experience and the ability to be true leaders in their workplace and the world.


AIESEC is the largest student run not-for-profit organization, therefore many people know or have heard the organization. By partnering with AIESEC you can help your business build recognition in the community. Not just the local community, but also the global community. AIESEC has partnerships with some of the biggest industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, and Pwc. The companies know the value AIESEC adds to the world and their businesses. Over 100 Canadian businesses are currently partnered with AIESEC and help shape the future of tomorrow. AIESEC Canada also has thousands of members across Canada. These young individuals would gain exposure about your company as well.


Being involved in the community also can help to build a good reputation. Potential customers prefer to get services or purchase items from companies that do more than just provide a service or a good. Adding value to your business is important. Let your customers know your involvement in the community. This in return will create customer loyalty and thus more revenue.


It is not the just the customers that will be more likely to purchase things from your business. The employee’s attitude and behaviour would also change. Businesses engaging in the community tend to see more organizational commitment in their employees. Employee levels of motivation, teamwork, morale and performance would increase. Knowing that the hours they put in at work impact the larger community, would give work a greater purpose than just getting a paycheck. The overall organizational atmosphere in the workplace would eventually improve and change for the better.


Since 1948, AIESEC has been connecting organizations and globally minded youth. Our aim is to improve and grow Canadian businesses, develop global youth leaders, and impact communities. Partner with AIESEC today and help to make the world a better place. Go beyond profit and get involved in your local and global community.

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