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One of the best moments a person can get is to live and experience the cultural diversity in the world. We are really unique, the place from which we are raised contributes a lot to our daily habits. The language that we speak, the way we speak, its pronunciation and also the interaction between a person to a person varies from one culture to another. In some countries, you may find out that each of its city has a specific unique language. The same country can also have one unified language that is spoken in all the cities in the country.

When you live in a country that you have not visited before, it will mostly change your perspective of how you see things. For example, it may occur that you are not the best at spending money, but once you experience how hard people hustle to get money in your visit to different countries across the globe, it will probably make you less of a spender. A part from that, you will get the opportunity to explore so many things depending on the time of your visit. You will definitely get back to your home country with new knowledge, story to tell and many more other things that you might never have imagined before by simply staying all your lifetime in only one place.

There is actually a huge number of touristic attractions all over the globe. Being able to explore the best of what makes a specific place is also one of the most exciting thing that can happen to you. You can go to see national parks where you are able to explore different kinds of animals. You can go see the highest mountains in the world. You can go see beautiful lakes. There are some countries that experience up to 20 to 35 degrees of centigrade throughout the year. While on the other hand, there are countries that experiences the four seasons throughout the year. Wouldn’t it be fun if you actually travel during the depressed season aka the darkness time of the year to a country that experiences the warm weather at that particular time? And then you take the opportunity to explore the available touristic attractions in your visit.

How about the cultural dances? Have you ever imagined yourself dressing like Maasai people and jump so high like how they always do? In addition to that, what if you are able to pick any traditional weapon such as spears, clubs and shields to take a picture with it? Maybe spend a night or two at a traditional house of Maasai people.

Another cool thing that can happen when you visit a new country is that you may find yourself making new friendship with someone in a short period of time and simply this person can invite you for a best chai in that country. How does that sound? Tempting, right>? Well, some people in this world are full of kindness to give. You might not be a fun of tea, but hey, it might not cost you a life to try this offer.

Let’s keep talking about food staffs. In some countries, people take five meals a day. We both know, the usual meal is three times a day. This is one of the best experience you can have. It may occur that you find yourself spending too much money but hey, what do you have to lose by enjoying five meals a day.

Gestures can be understood differently depending on the country where you are. This is something to learn when planning to visit a certain country. The funny thing to say about some cultures, mostly Bulgarians, it is when a person agrees or disagrees to a certain thing. So, from the most common way of saying YES, nodding means you agrees to something and when you shake your head, it means NO. This is expressed inversely for Bulgarians. So, you got to be aware of these expressions because you may end up agree to something that you would rather disagree.

Being able to trust someone does not usually come easy. Tell you what, in some countries, a person can trust you in a very short time in a way that you can never imagined. But this should not be something you can just take away and want to practice immediately after you get back to your home country! It does not usually turn out well. But perhaps, you will understand something and learn to appreciate that you can always trust a strange person that you have just met.

There is so much you can explore outside your home country. It’s just for you to decide and make a step to start living these experiences. Which life experience do you want to discover and experience? Get in touch which AIESEC at your local area and we can facilitate the process for you to get a chance to volunteer or work at a country of your likes.

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