The Future of Work

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A lot has changed over the last 10 years. Facebook became an essential tool in everyone’s lives. Laptops and tablets are replacing paper. You can talk to anyone in the world and see them face to face though FaceTime or Skype. So what will the future look like in five to ten years from now?


Technology has had a significant impact the way businesses work. Data integration has become more efficient, and technology is heavily integrated into the day-to-day operations of a business. Finding out what the customer wants is becoming easier and more personalized.

Too Much Talent

In terms of talent? There will be too many people with skills, thus the job marketplace will get very competitive. As the world is losing its borders, the easier it is to get talented employees from all over the world.

More Expats

What do you do when there is too much competition to get a job in your own country? You move to another. The number of expats living all over the world is ever increasing. Over 50% of Canadians have a post-secondary degree, however, in other nations the numbers are much lower thus more jobs available. The thought of moving to another country for work can be daunting, however, it is very rewarding. For instance, individuals who have pursued their education in North America and Europe tend to be valued more as employees in Asia.

A Shorter Ladder to Success

Your stereotypical “boss” will no longer exist. In fact, since more open work environments are practiced across the world, the ladder will also diminish. Some hierarchy will exist, but not to the extent as it was traditionally. Team work will be highly valued, and input from all employees would be necessary for the success of a business.

Women Will Run Business

Women will also dominate the workplace, and they will be on the top of the ladder. Time magazine wrote, “The workplace-research group Catalyst studied 353 Fortune 500 companies and found that those with the most women in senior management had a higher return on equities — by more than a third.” Female inequality is still present today, however, the future seems to be bright for all women. As time goes on, these inequalities will also diminish.

More “Green” Jobs

Climate change is becoming more of an important issue as the years go by. In the future, there will be jobs created in the field of sustainability and saving the planet. In order to prevent climate change from getting worse, special skilled individuals will step in and help businesses to practice sustainability. Recently going “green” has become a trend, but are these companies really being green?

Made in Canada

The competition between businesses is increasing, and the battle for offering the lowest price possible to consumers seems to never end. However, consumers are becoming more aware of the purchases they make. Thanks to the internet, anyone can search about anything online before they make a purchase. The benefits of purchasing things made in Canada can bring huge benefits to our economy. In the future, some big corporations will move their manufacturing to Canada in order to create more jobs, avoid lengthy shipping periods and tariffs.

What do  you think the future of work will look like? Comment below and share your ideas!


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