Teaching: The Never-ending Journey

Ever since we were young, we’ve always had someone to guide us, someone to lead us, someone to teach us. As university students or recent graduates, you might think that you’re almost at the end of it all meaning there won’t be anymore teachers to boss us around or grade our work. However, the idea of teaching doesn’t end when you leave school. We learn constantly throughout our lives and these “teachers” let us learn valuable lessons to use all throughout life.

A Conventional Teacher

The idea of a teacher isn’t clear cut. They come in many different forms and the main idea is that they have something to teach you. A conventional teacher might be what comes to mind such as an academic or a professor but anyone who has knowledge, experience or even a story to tell can be a teacher. They should look to inspire you and make a change in your life or changer another’s. For me, I didn’t think about it much before but reflecting upon it made me challenge the idea. I looked at what my teachers have done for me and the difference they made in my life. They taught me not only knowledge but also shared personal experiences, struggles and tips to help me improve my life and that willingness to help inspired me. I went on to take a similar role at my school, and try to make a similar impact on other people’s lives.

What can you do?

If someone has impacted you dearly in your life when they opened up to you, I challenge you to do the same. YOU can make a difference in someone else’s life by going on an AIESEC exchange. With so many opportunities available, you can learn and give knowledge to others while making a difference in the world. Interested? Check out the website to learn more about how to go on an AIESEC exchange HERE.


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