Strengthen Your IT Department Through AIESEC

The technology industry is the fastest growing industry in Canada. “According to the Toronto Stock Exchange, the technology and innovation sectors have grown faster than any other on the exchange since the start of 2013” (El Akkad, 2015)[1]. Employment issues arise with a fast growing industry, especially when there is a shortage in skilled labour.


The shortage of skilled labour is especially evident in the IT sector in Canada. Most start-ups cannot afford hiring IT professionals. The average salary for a Software Developer in Canada is C$60,810 per year[2]. In the initial stages of the company life, the capital generated is essential to be put back into the growth of the business. Costs need to be controlled and quality needs to be maintained. So where does AIESEC come in? Through AIESEC’s Global Talent program, you can highlight the skills you would like in an individual, the duration you want them to work for you, and we take care of the rest. The duration of the stay can range from 6 weeks to 18 months. Companies are required to pay a minimum of $2,000/ month for the individual. If you do the math, that is $24,000 per year. You get an equally talented worker for a lower cost.


The main intention of an AIESEC intern coming to Canada is not monetary gain; it is the cultural experience and personal growth. There are benefits that are gained by the intern and the company that cannot be monetized. Canada has been also facing an ethnic diversity problem in the IT sector. According to Globe and Mail minorities are barely present in the IT sector, and many are voicing their concerns. Diversity is the “ticket to innovation”, and yet many entrepreneurs fail to realize that[3]. AIESEC can bring diversity to your organization. You will have an individual with a totally fresh perspective work for your organization. The things that could be improved are going to be more evident to someone who is looking from outside the box.


In terms of the timeline, most Software Developers work on numerous projects, and these projects are short-term. Why not hire an AIESEC intern for that project? You would get a young, passionate and ambitious individual working on that project. There is always a chance to extend the contract if you like the intern, if not, the intern can train any other employees that are there to replace them after the contract expires.


Not only an AIESEC intern will save you money, but he/she will also bring diversity and a fresh perspective to your company.


You can learn more about the Global Talent Program here.



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