A Storytelling : Teaching College Students in Indonesia

A story that you read in books is less powerful than a story you experience in real life context. There is usually something missing in the story presented from the books. It could occur that, a person who presents a story exaggerates a bit or delivers a different message of the original story. A story that is shared by a person who has had that experience itself has a lot more to offer, it is usually filled with real emotions that can be well delivered and understood correctly.


With AIESEC, you can either do a Global Talent or Global Citizen program. Both programs have one thing in common and that is; they are both international internships. But what makes them unique? One of the advantages is that you get an opportunity to have a story to tell afterwards. Your story will be filled with challenges you faced, the knowledge you gained, the culture diversity you discovered and will also be an inspiration to others.


An inspiring story could either turn a person to want to live that story or share the same story to others. In addition to that, a story that inspires others is the one that makes continuous changes in society.


The challenges that you share in your story will probably be some of the things, which you had difficulties with; it could be that you went to a place that has a different lifestyle than the one you are used to. However, you might be able to realize that you can manage to adapt to this new lifestyle. In a situation like the one mentioned, the best thing you can do is share how you did it and prove that this can be applied to another person.


The lessons learned which will also be part of your story will be knowledge that you have obtained during the internship and by sharing, you are transferring this knowledge to others. This is somewhat related to the concept of educating a single person which in turn has an impact on millions of others. It explains how a single AIESEC Exchange Participant with one story can contribute positively to the world.


Now we share with you a story about Andrew who taught in the after school English program to college students in Indonesia. The highlight of his experience was that he not only taught people of his age, but also people older than him, working in full time jobs such as banks. Our Global Talent program provided him with a unique opportunity to synchronize with the “real world” where age is irrelevant, and you are only valued for what you bring to the table in the professional setting. He was being valued and held responsible for people older than him!

 I once taught a lecturer, who had a masters, in botany! And he just wanted to improve his conversational English… It was really cool! The class size was really small. –said Andrew with a big smile that depicts how moved he was by the phenomenon.


When asked about what he missed the most from his exchange in Indonesia, he said he missed the people the most –which says something about both the nature of his adventure, and the quality that AIESEC’s Global Talent program delivers. This is supported by Andrew’s story about how he went to a tropical island his friend owned in Indonesia, and how “…the Indonesian kids were really excited about foreigners and everything… the white sand beaches and the water was beautiful there… this place was just as pretty as Bali.” In his own words –all in all:

…it was a great time having a cross-cultural exchange.


AIESEC’s only goal is to promote harmony and a sense of unity in the world. Our exchange programs are things that AIESEC has introduced to help achieve this vision. Apart from Andrew, the exchange participants from these programs usually have nothing but positive things to say about their journeys and their adventures. At the end of the day, they are not only enriching themselves professionally and personally, but they are also helping accomplish a sense of global community that will, as cliché as it may sound –pave the way to world peace.


It is time to have a story of your own. If you have one, then it is also a time to prepare a new storytelling. Get in touch with us to do a Global Talent program or Global Citizen program. Let’s keep inspiring others to do their very best in shaping the world.

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