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Perhaps the geographic proximity renders Canadian cities more entitled to be the next Silicon Valleys, there is actually quite a bit of competitions around world all eyeing for the title. According to the Startup Ecosystem Report 2012, Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo are ranked amongst the top 20 top startup ecosystems in the world. Outside of United States, cities like Melbourne, Berlin, SaoPaulo are also recognized for their effort in fostering startup companies. Currently, Compass aims to produce the report of 2015, and is requesting submissions from entrepreneurs all over the world.

In reality, potential tech startups are scattered all over the world map as the world economy has become increasingly dependent on tech industry to stay competitive in the global environment. The report aims to inform entrepreneurs, investors and government their significance in the ecosystem, and the actions they could take to generate bigger success. For individuals, it is a chance to find out where their talent are needed and valued the most; as for businesses, they will gain better knowledge in how to effectively attract competent talents. By filling out Startup Ecosystem Survey, each entry will contribute in providing a more accurate picture for potential improvement in the future.

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