Reduced Inequalities – Everyone Plays a Part

As you may know, The United Nations recently launched the Sustainable Development Goals Initiative which set a variety of goals and an agenda to reach those goals by 2030. There are 17 goals aimed to solve economic, social and environmental issues that exist on a global scale such as poverty, climate change and so on.

Today we are going to look at one particular goal, SDG #10: Reduced Inequalities. This goal is about reducing income inequalities and any others based on age, gender, social circumstance, and so on within a country. The goal also encompasses inequalities among countries, relating to representation, migration and others.

Why is this goal important? If inequalities are not addressed, it can lead to an even greater divide among individuals, genders and countries. For individuals, inequalities in opportunities, income and preferential treatment can lead to rising differences, resentment, and even conflict; which starts a vicious and dangerous cycle. Among countries, a lack of equality will lead to similar consequences for individuals as developing countries show small progression in their current state while developed countries continue to stay prosperous. The UN has proposed certain ways to approach and achieve this goal which can be found HERE.  

Let’s imagine what the world would look like if we achieved this goal. On a smaller scale there would be no or a very minimal difference in treatment between genders, race and so on which would promote more opportunities to those groups. On a larger scale, more countries would be prosperous with equal opportunities for all people inside. There would be less instances of people working in other countries and sending money back to support families in another country along with less preferential treatment among developed/developing countries regarding trade and tariffs.

In the end one can hope that countries co-operate in achieving these goals, but the UN has placed a very clear and precise agenda that it hopes to achieve for the better of the world. Reducing inequalities is a very prevalent issue in the world today and can lead to a better world if fully followed through. What are your thoughts on the UN’S SDG’s, particularly Reduced Inequalities? Let us know in the comments below!


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