Lakshana’s Day 1: “Onwards We Go”

Day 0 – March 20th, 2015

Surprisingly I did not quiet feel sleepy despite the long journey. The sugar in the Chinese dessert that the AIESCer prepared for me last night had kept my brain active.


I decided to explore Beijing on my own. Little did I realize beforehand that literally every person speaks Chinese and a very few speak English. I was a little bit shocked to find out that it was pretty hard for me to find my way around.

Luckily I stopped a taxi and asked him to take me to the nearest mall by showing him the address written in Chinese. I met with AIESECers from the local chapter called AIESEC BFSU in Beijing later that day.

We went exploring the beautiful museum in the downtown core near Tiananmen Square.

Innocent chained goats

This is the type of thing that you won’t find anywhere else. The museum was brimming with culture. You could sense that you were in a place with a long history. This is something that we are missing in the West.
Once we were done, I went with a few people to have delicious “authentic” Chinese lunch, and then went to visit the Central Business District.

Restarurant in Beijing

Later that day, we visited an AIESEC information sessions led by exchange students and AIESECers at the local AIESEC chapter. I was blown away by some of the stories that were shared. One girl went to Greece to teach university students personal financial budgeting. This was when Greece was under a deep recession. The job was created for international talent to help students in Greece learn financial sustainability.

A traditional Japanese dance was performed by one of the exchange students who went to Japan to teach language to school students.

Exchange story of GIPer

The day ended off with the most magnificent and famous Peking roast fish. It put me right to bed.

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