How Important is International Experience?

Colleges and universities around the world are continuously encouraging students to become more globally engaged and go abroad. Studies have also shown that students who work abroad develop the necessary skills to function in the world and become more easily employed. The question is, what is the true value behind those international experiences? How important is it?


First, by going on an international exchange, it will help you with a number of different work opportunities and benefit your career. Local employers value international experience because companies are becoming more international. The work force is becoming more diverse and is becoming more of an asset to local employers. For example, cross-cultural skills help with employability. Being able to speak a different language is truly a skill that is wanted and needed with employers. By knowing another language, it allows companies to build connections with clients overseas and is extremely crucial to the company’s success. Of course, going abroad is even more valuable for international employers because they are always looking at experience. There are plenty of other work skills that can benefit your career; such as, being able to manage change, being independent and being able to communicate.


Although, going abroad may help you attract employers and give you a boost on your resume, there are even more benefits for students beyond this. A number of students mention that going international has allowed them to grow personally.When people go abroad, they tend to break down their own barriers and feelings about their own country being the best and the only way to live. However, once abroad, they get the chance to experience different lifestyles, cultures and develop positive attitudes towards other countries. In addition, this gives them the chance to explore more about themselves and what they can accomplish. Think about it, this can be you.


You may experience many highs and lows when you are abroad. It is not always an easy journey and there will be hardships. However, the cultural experiences and the valuable skills obtained makes it a great learning curve and extremely worthwhile.


Why think about it? Go on an AIESEC exchange today and start your journey today.

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