Entrepreneurship and Education

Entrepreneurship is undeniably important to the advancement of society yet it is a path rarely taken by students. Despite the rise of youth entrepreneurship many students remain apprehensive to walk off the beaten path – which admittedly, includes myself.

The Smooth Path to Success

We have all heard that the path to success is never straight, yet each of us still strives to pursue the perfect path from Point A to Point B paved by our institutions.  Underlying our university acceptances was the promise of a well-travelled road to a popular destination that has been immortalized in our minds. In a sense, a stable, well-paying desk job was my “Paris” and the next four years would be the direct flight that took me there. However, I soon discovered that school is only half the journey.

What Is vs. What Could Be

Canada’s education system gives us access to a world class student experience in learning “what is,” and it’s clear we aren’t lacking in knowledge of facts, figures, and theories. Yet it stops short of driving us in the direction of entrepreneurship and “what could be”.

I see entrepreneurs not as those who blindly embrace risk, but those who understand it. What many of us don’t realize is that adventure is an inimitable teacher. It’s the adventures that entrepreneurs embark on outside of the classroom that build a vision of “what could be”, and an understanding of the risks and rewards. Adventure is the process that moulds visionaries, taking our eyes away from the path we’ve dutifully walked.

Being Entrepreneurial

Becoming an entrepreneur may not be in my immediate future, but nonetheless, the lessons I’ve learned outside of the classroom have helped me see the value in being entrepreneurial. Though I’m not yet at the forefront of innovation carving a path in the marketplace, I’ve begun to apply the same attitude in other parts of my life; striving to impact the people and organizations around me with creative ideas and tenacity, and refusing to be satisfied by the status quo.

While entrepreneurship may not be everyone’s path, adventure – the often overlooked professor, has shown that the entrepreneurial mindset suits us all.

Are you interested in pursuing your entrepreneurial mindset? Check out AIESEC’s Global Talent program here to go on a professional exchange abroad to develop your skills and become a global entrepreneur today.

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