Discover Your Personality Type By Simply Combining Four Letters

We all have certain behaviors that make us appear unique in our day-to-day activities. We also have common behaviors that we share and they usually enable us to get along since we may be mutually connected. Some people may like to have one exciting challenge after another, some people may like to engage in problem-solving situations. Some people are smooth-talking persuader, some have a high sense of duty. Generally speaking, the nature of our personality is tricky to explain. It is kind of interesting to know about these behaviors and most of all how our daily actions reflect our own personalities.

If we go a bit into detail, you will find a list of 4 combinations below. You can either be one of the two in one combination. For example, if we take the first combination of extroverting and introverting, you can either be an extrovert or an introvert.

In some cases, you may think that you have both behaviors in one combination. If we take the third combination of feeling and thinking, you assume that you are both a “thinker” and a “feeler” at the same time. The point to note here is that; in either one of the two, there is one that describes you best. It could be that you are more of a “thinker” than a “feeler” or vice-versa. Therefore, pick the behavior that describes you best and proceed to the next combination until you have sum-up 4 behaviors.

Now let’s get going, I bet you are curious to find out about yourself! Remember, you need to have a four letters combination by the end of this reading ;).

  1. Extroverting (E) and Introverting(I)

For an extrovert, you like to be involved with people. You are outgoing, sociable and you like to talk to anyone. You learn by doing and discussing. You often do not know what to say until you have said it “think by speaking”. You also prefer a learning environment filled with movement, action and talk.

For an introvert, you like to be alone; you enjoy one-on-one discussions more than groups. You are reserved and private. You like to focus on one thing at a time. You learn by reflection and thinking. You enjoy a small circle of friends. You like to rehearse things before saying them and you also need privacy and quiet time alone for concentration.

  1. Sensing(S) and Intuition (N)

For a sensor, you pay attention to details. You prefer things as they are. You focus on the present and you rely on past experience. You focus on what is real and actual. You like to do things that are practical. You like to focus on facts and rely on what can be measured or documented.

For an intuitive, you prefer to try new things. You focus on the future and possibilities. You focus on the bigger picture so that you can get an overall impression of what is happening. You rely on inspiration and imagination. You value quick flashes of insights but often careless about details.

  1. Feeling (F) and Thinking (T)

For a thinker, you prefer to analyze the problem. You make decisions based on logic and you like to weigh up all information objectively. You are reasonable and fair. You value justice. You prefer to be direct. You usually do not take things personally and you can be seen as insensitive. You tend to stay cool, calm and collected in situations when others are upset.

For a feeler, you prefer to sympathize with the problem. You are good at complimenting. You usually take things personally and can be seen as over-emotional. You prefer harmony over clarity and you are compassionate and accepting. You like to be appreciated and approved of. You may try too hard to please others.

  1. Judging (J) and Perceiving (P)

For a judger, you are goal-oriented. You value order and structure. You need to finish work before you can go and have fun. You prefer things to be organized and you find it difficult to concentrate if the environment is disorganized and messy. You value punctuality and prefer to have deadlines. You like to follow timetables.

For a perceiver, you are easygoing and adaptable. You prefer things to remain open-ended. You are process oriented and you value flexibility. You enjoy the last minute pressure. You usually begin a new project before finishing the current one, in fact you enjoy doing several projects at once.


After combining the four behaviors, you may get a combination of “ENTP”, this means that you are “Extrovert” which is represented as “E”, “Intuitive” which is represented as “N”, “Thinker” which is presented as “T” and “Perceiver” which is represented as “P”, respectively. One of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin is said to have this combination of “ENTP”. The ENTPs are said to be clever and entrepreneurial, they dislike routine, which makes it hard for them to commit longer term to an interest.

Apart from “ENTPs”, there are 15 more other combination of personality types that uniquely describes us. These kinds of personality types are based on the personality test called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that was developed more than 50 years of research. By now, you are aware of your personality type, if you want to find out more of what it means to have the combination that you have obtained which could be one of the remaining 15s personality types such as “ESFP”, “INTJ”, “ENFJ, etc. , this website here has explained more.

Acquiring the skill set of different personality types is a key value in knowing how you can get along with other people around you. This also helps you to know so many things about yourself and others too. You can get to know what you should do as a learner so that you can get the most of it during your school or university life.

There are other related personality tests that you can find on different websites. These tests have a series of multiple choice questions and once you have completed the questions, you will get to know your personality type. A better advice to share with you would be to try these tests several times on different website so that you can have a good conclusion of your personality type. Did you find this interesting? Why not try it yourself? Share us your personality type!


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