The Difference Volunteering Can Make

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in”.
– Author Unknown

The Idea of Volunteering

The idea of volunteering can have a profound effect. Some people love the idea and do whatever they can to help while others see it as a chore, something that would only be done when forced. Donating your time towards a cause with nothing tangible given in return can be summarized as the essence of volunteering however the intrinsic feeling gained is what drives people to do it. Some people don’t realize this until they’ve done some form of volunteering and then they become volunteers for life. But the main purpose behind volunteering is not for the person doing it, rather  the cause it is done for.

Making an Impact

Volunteering can make all the difference in someone’s life. Working with NGO’s on social impact projects. The people, animals or the overall cause behind the activities all work towards a greater good for the world. Issues such as poverty, climate change, lack of clean water and so on are prevalent not only in isolated communities but all around the world and volunteers in social impact projects abroad are giving their time and efforts to combat those problems. The living things in those areas might be vulnerable to certain preventable issues and volunteers work to make sure it won’t happen in the first place and that it won’t cause an issue in the future. In the end when you look at volunteering, it can make a strong impact in someone’s life for the better and this is the difference volunteering can make in the world.

What Can You Do?

Now that you about the difference volunteering makes, put your thoughts into action by going on a Global Volunteer exchange with AIESEC where you can make a direct impact abroad and change someone’s life for the better. If you want to learn more, check out this link and apply now!

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