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The need for qualified young talent is growing year over year within Canada in the IT sector. Whether it is helping redesign a mobile app or execute an effective marketing campaign AIESEC has successfully provided Canadian companies with interns for over 45 years.[1]


The demand for employees in highly skilled fields such as IT and Software Engineering has increased at a rapid rate over the last decade. “There will be as many as 182,000 high-paying technology jobs up for grabs in Canada by 2019, but the country’s school systems aren’t producing enough high technology expertise to fill those positions”[2]


With such demands from our industries but not enough students to fill this demand results in a salary hike by which companies pay workers to be able to compete nationally among their counterparts. “ Organizations have had to learn to operate in an environment where there are fewer sales, lower venture capital dollars and drops in stock market.”[3] These upwards pressure on the industry is hurtful to the Canadian economy and businesses. These start-ups and corporations are cutting spending, they are thus less able to innovate and invest in return on investment projects as there excess savings is being used to fund employees in order for them to remain competitive within their domain.


As stated by Digital Compass, “Canada faces a growing gap between the demand and the supply of ICT talent and skills…”[4] This increase trend will not come to a halt as Canadian worker’s productive has fallen significantly since 2001. High demand jobs such as information systems analyst and consultants, software engineers, database analyst and data administrators will become even more high demanded than they are now resulting on an even more upward push on salaries. This will cause harmful effects for the hundreds of thousands small and medium enterprises that will not be able to afford such increases despite needing these skill sets. All of this points to the small and medium enterprises suffering the most from these in the labour force.


Luckily the AIESEC Global Talent Program could be a potential fix to this problem. The AIESEC global talent program allows companies to tap into the international labour market to be able to recruit highly specialize juniors in areas such as IT, software engineering, database analyst and more. Through this program don’t need to compete on salary pricing since AIESEC has a database of thousands of interns, recruited with a yearly salary of $26,000. This is also advantageous for the interns as they are able to work in Canada and able to develop an international skillset. For companies and start-ups this allows them to employ skilled workers for a fraction of the price they would in Canada competing with large corporations enabling them to provide for their needs in talent and still have some funds to invest in other type of investment.


*The content for this article was contributed by Ariana Katsanis.



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