The Canadian Business Problem: Not Enough Talent

As you’ve probably heard, the ‘talent crisis’ is real. Right now, Canada is experiencing shortages in the IT, Accounting, Marketing and Engineering sectors. Skilled workers are the hardest gap to fill in the Canadian workforce. The Canadian population has been growing but not fast enough to fill the missing skill gaps. So how can Canadian businesses fill those gaps?


Creating more jobs is essential for the economy, however, only if there are people who have the skills to work for those jobs. Bringing in skilled professionals from other countries could be an effective solution. Around the world, people are getting higher education and have the skills that Canadian businesses need. There are millions of people who are capable to come to Canada for work. As the world is losing its borders, the idea of hiring international workers is becoming a solid solution to the problem. This would not only benefit the Canadian economy, but it will also benefit the people that would come to Canada for work.


There are thousands of youth worldwide who are looking for internships through AIESEC. These individuals are under the age of 30 and have graduated with bachelors, or even master degrees. They speak English, and most have received high quality education that is equivalent of Canadian education. AIESEC Canada’s Global Internship Program offers talent that fills those professionals skills gap. IT companies hire majority of the international interns that arrive to Canada through AIESEC. The results go beyond just filling a missing gap, these companies grow too. They are exposed to a new culture, and a new viewpoint that enhances their own organizational culture.


Through an agreement with the Canadian government, AIESEC is exempted from the Labour Market Impact Assessment. The LMIA is a lengthy process that needs to be filled out by companies if they want to hire international talent. AIESEC bi-passes that and also takes care of all the logistics involved. The internship program puts companies’ best interest in mind, and is highly customizable. The company can choose the specific skills they would like for their ideal candidate to have, as well as decide the time and duration of the internship. AIESEC interns can work for 6 weeks to 18 months depending on the needs of the company. At the same time, the program proves the opportunity for interns to develop personally, and professionally through expanding their international experience and cultural understanding in a global context.


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