Being a Better Version of Yourself When Tomorrow Comes

They say the beginning always determine the end. This can be true depending on the circumstances. Ideally, your way of living is the one that determines how things will end up for you. We are not able to tell how everyone has started the New Year but hopefully, it has started well for each and every one of us. Even if you may have started this year in the way that you did not perceive, cheer-up and try to enjoy each moment that you get because being able to reach a new year is a gift and once you are given a gift, you have to be happy and thankful.

When a new day begins or even when a day ends, one may sit down, alone and quietly to come up with tomorrow’s plan. Basically, it is all about redefining the goals that you may have to fit for the future life that you may want to have. Perhaps, some of us who are actually in university want to have a doctorate degree in the next couple of years. Perhaps, some of us want to work for a big organization such as the UN in the next couple years. Perhaps, some of us have even bigger dreams than we can never imagine. All of these dreams require a better planning and you must always ask yourself every now and then to see if whatever you may have dedicated yourself to do is what you are actually doing. And if it is the case, embrace it and keep moving forward. Let us discuss the two key things that can help you redefine your way of life so that when tomorrow comes, we will have a better version of yourself.

Your passion

Passion can be something that makes you happy when you do it. It is something that you find yourself really engaged when doing it. It is always fun when doing something you have passion with. Passion keeps us going. It may happen sometimes, when you are doing what you love, you become unaware of how fast the time can go. The reason is that, you are happy on what you are doing and you would rather keep doing it than doing something else.

You may or may not do a job that you have passion with, however it is highly advised to work on something you have passion with. Some people put a very limited amount of time on the things that make them happy, maybe they prefer to work all week and not do anything else for fun. It is not wrong but at least you also have to set a time aside for the things that you enjoy doing. It may occur that you have never done certain things; such as, ice skating, skiing or climbing the mountains. It is never too late, it is now the time to try new things and if it turned out to be something that makes you happy then voilà, that is your passion.

Your purpose

This is about your uniqueness and your talented gifts. It is something that you can use all your skills when doing it. It is something that allows you to grow from time to time. You have to ask yourself if what you believe to be your life purpose, either stretches you or allows you to learn new things?.

Another thing to say about the life purpose is, if what you are doing help other people. Your life purpose has to positively contribute to the world. Which means, you also have to ask yourself if what you are doing impacts other people’s lives.

We have been raised in different families. Probably, some parents have mentioned to their children that they were born to become doctors or engineers. This is how some of us have been raised and we have learned to believe in that. This is totally wrong. You may want to forget all that and focus on what you really love to do. When you do something you love, you get a lot of satisfaction and meaningful in it. And it is not just about something that you love to do but also something that you are good at. Some people may be good at communicating things that they are passionate about. Some people may be good at mentoring and coaching others to do things that are great. Each one of us has a life purpose.

You have to be honest to yourself, do you love what you are doing? Worry not in case you do not know your life purpose nor your passion, the easiest thing you can do is to try, be willing to go out there and experience yourself and let that guide you to the most true, most alive and most on purpose for you. What can be said finally is wishing you a happy new year and make sure you rock this year as if it is the last year of your life.

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