AIESEC: Why We Keep Doing What We Do, Get Inspired

Are you in a situation where you are wondering what is AIESEC or why should you care to get involved? Well, here is why you should consider us. AIESEC started in 1948, as you can see, it was soon after the World War 2. What happened was that, some of the world’s remarkable people thought that there has to be a better way for us to live in peace and have a good understanding between one country and another.

So the question was, how? It was when the idea of the Global Citizen and Global Talent program was introduced. This can rather be simply said as an international opportunity whereby in a Global Citizen program, you volunteer abroad and with a Global Talent program, you work abroad in a professional setting. The two programs have one thing in common and that is, the exchange participant will gain an international experience. So why do we really need an international experience, and how can it help to contribute to a better world? Let’s take a look at the quote from one of our authors which she has explained in details in her article of what it means to be a global citizen:

Being a global citizen is being open-minded to new ideas, as well as recognizing that you can always learn something from everyone. It is about taking admirable values from different cultures and incorporating these into your own person.

Now that you have a bit of an idea of what we do and why we keep doing what we do, we will share with you the feedback we got from one of our interns who went to do AIESEC’s Global Citizen program in Brazil. His name is Andre, this is what he said in general about the internship that he did:

It was an amazing experience, I made a lot of friends, I saw the country, and it was really great!

His typical day would start from 7 am and work till 4 pm, then go to a bar or roam around the city and have fun. When asked about a random story from his exchange that best describes how interesting this whole adventure was for him, he mentioned that his hosts had 9 dogs and 6 cats! It also goes to show how exciting AIESEC‘s exchange programs can truly be. He said:

It turned out to be a really-really great experience.

Andre worked in the marketing team for a local non-profit organization in Brazil whose aim was to increase awareness for the misuse of drugs and to uphold the laws against drug trafficking. About the organization, he said:

They educate them, they spend time with them to get them away from the slum.

His work included promotion of this noble cause, and he was simultaneously being exposed to a brand new culture, country, and the people. But most of all, he was facing new challenges that strengthens not only his character, but also his future career –through AIESEC’s Global Citizen program.

This is just one story that we can provide you, we have other stories that are coming up and hopefully we can inspire you and make you realize that the little thing you can do to other people’s lives can bring a huge positive impact to the world than you can never imagine. Here is the final say to inspire you, we all want to live in a world without war, a world without gender abuses, a world without borders, a world without hunger…so why not do it with AIESEC and start making the world a better place.

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