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* Originally posted on AIESEC McMaster’s Blog on Oct. 23, 2014

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One of the representatives of AIESEC McMaster had the honor of speaking to Jim Zhou, a student studying Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior at McMaster, on his outgoing exchange experience to India. As Jim’s patiently narrated his firsthand story to the reporter, his intriguing storyline caught our attention.

Audio of the roughly 20-minuite exchange between Jim and the interviewer of AIESEC McMaster was heard again and recorded.

“I have always wanted to go abroad and experience different cultures. I am always intrigued by new things in life and going to India is definitely a place to go for my first destination.” Jim shared his initiative of going on exchange in India enthusiastically.

When Jim was asked about his biggest achievement, he vividly described his trip as if he was experiencing it at that moment. He said the best part of it all was making friends and acquaintances from all over the world who could give more insights on Indian culture and traditions. In addition to that, a stop along the de-addiction center had gained him a sense of self-worth by observing the process of rehab for individuals who were previously addicted to substances.

“However there were some communication barriers and technology problems. I overcame these problems by slowly came into realization that India is still a developing country and I had to coped with it. I asked for help from locals who knew English.” Admitted Jim when he was asked about the difficulty he encountered.

Upon contemplation, it was worth the trip in spite of all the problems Jim had been struggling with. “It was the most enriching summer experience I’ve had. I am still in contact with people I’ve met. I learned about the environment and culture of another society. This allows me to become more accepting and understanding of people who are different from me.”

Special thanks go to Jim Zhou for sharing his story with us.

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