AIESEC in Canada hosts the first National Leadership Meeting


This past Sunday, AIESEC Canada hosted it’s first National Leadership Meeting, which saw 74 of our memberships top youth leaders from across the country gather in Toronto for a weekend of discussions about strategic direction and operational focus. We were pleased to have a representative from our national partner PwC, in attendance to provide our membership the additional tools and knowledge they need in order to foster the development of AIESEC Canada. As per the AIESEC impact model, we seek to develop our members in such a way that extends to their personal development and in turn translates to their local level impact.


Quote from Danial Mazhar Shafi, President of AIESEC Canada

“As president, I was inspired by the conversations and passion of the leaders present, and am excited to continue pushing with my team and organization to build a more competitive and globally-focused Canada.”

We would like to congratulate the 29 local committee representatives, national support team, and the national member committee of AIESEC Canada for contributing to the strategic development of our organization and working towards our collective vision for the year 2020.


For further information:

Please contact Dylan Muñoz, Marketing & Media Relations Specialist,

AIESEC Canada, 705-331-7142,

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