5 Reasons Businesses should Hire an AIESEC Intern

5 Reasons a business should hire an AIESEC intern.

So why should a business hire an AIESEC intern? As a business its only logical to want to hire top talent.  Businesses in Canada should be taking advantage of their countries situation because of the fact that Canada is a country that people fight to get into, and it’s also somewhere that young talent wishes to further their careers, and utilize their unique skills. So if companies want to hire talent, and young talent wants to be hired, wheres the middle ground? Internships.

1) Access to Individuals with Skills, Passion and Global Mindset

Imagine hiring leaders, not employees. The Global Talent Program aims to enable companies to strengthen their competencies through highly-motivated individuals in order to generate a proactive, entrepreneurial and global mindset. AIESEC interns have a greater goal in mind: they not only want an opportunity to only develop professional skills, but also as a global learning experience that will empower them to impact communities in the long run. They are prepared for a bigger challenge and will openly embrace it. Best of all: they have the right mindset and motivation to realize these ambitions.

2) Turnkey Solution

You give us the profile outlining who you want; we find them and bring them here. You use our proprietary Job Questionnaire, which gets into depth with describing exactly the type of person you require: technical skills, languages, geographic areas, and more. AIESEC will carry out a rigorous screening and selection process – both in Canada and abroad, in the candidates’ home countries – to ensure that you get the best talent available to fit your company’s needs. AIESEC will take care of the necessary logistics (e.g. Visa, legal documents, housing, SIN, bank account, phone number, etc.) to bring the suitable candidate to you in time for your required start date. Fun fact: through our agreement with the Canadian government, we bypass the Labour Market Opinion, speeding up Visa processes for most countries.

3) Cost-Effective

AIESEC brings to you the qualified interns with minimal cost. The Canadian government requires you to provide a minimum salary of $2000/month in order to cover basic living costs. In comparison with hiring graduates with the same degree and qualification, the cost of hiring an AIESEC intern could be as much as 41 percent cheaper – for a broader skill set! A regular internship or co-op term is four-month in length, and a large portion of it is dedicated to training. As a result, once the interns become good at what they do, the leave. In comparison, an AIESEC intern can work for you for up to eighteen months, after which we can easily provide you with another intern to replace the first – we call this a rolling internship. AIESEC internship have the time duration that allows our interns to fully see through projects based on the length you require.

4) Having Local Host to Provide Assistance and Cultural Integration

Aside from taking care of all the logistics for the intern, the local AIESEC chapter also ensures the intern is getting the full Canadian experience. The intern is provided with the necessary assistance on a personal level to make sure s/he is well-adjusted in the new environment physically, emotionally and socially. This can involve arranging sightseeing trips with the local chapter and other interns, local get-togethers, and, overall, creating a friendly environment of lifelong Canadian friends. We want to let our interns enjoy their cultural experiences in Canada as much as possible in order to maximize their motivation to contribute to your organization.

5) Diversity, Innovation and Growth

Thinking about expanding? Starting a new office somewhere in the world? Do you know enough about doing business in that country, or even which country is the right fit? Having AIESEC interns brings diversity to your company with a fresh set of perspectives. They are young and innovative, ready to bring amazing ideas to the table. At the same time, they possess unique cultural knowledge that can transform the working environment to one that is more creative, open-minded, and culturally aware, thus stimulating unique methods to tackle obstacles or even promising the potential intelligence for international growth.

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